Asako Kasai

Place of birth: Kanda, Tokyo

Current residence: Honolulu, Hawaii

I've been making stamps since 2010.  After pursuing a sales career in several stationery and toy companies, I finally became a full-time stamp artist in April 2013!  Since then, I've introduced more than 500 unique stamp designs under my brand, "Keshigomu hanko acha."  Through dedication and practice, I've perfected my stamp carving techniques, which are recognized standards worldwide.

I hold private workshops throughout Japan, and I've been featured in many exhibitions.  These include prestigious events like Design Festa and Yokohama Handmade Marche, which draw over 10,000 people each 

And I got the design contract with world-famous UNIQLO in 2018.

Mitsuwa Marketplace in HAWAII

The Japan Foundation, Sydney

I'll join the event hold by The Japan Foundation, Sydney in July 2020 and teach how to make Japanese motif stamps!

It's free to join, please follow their FB account !!

My past exhibitions include:


- UNIQLO Sapporo (Hokkaido, 2018)

- UNIQLO Shinjuku (Tokyo, 2018)

- UNIQLO Shin-Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi,2018)

- Hyatt regency Hakone resort and spa (Kanagawa,2015)

- Yokohama handmade marche (Yokohama, 2013-2022)

- Design Festa (Tokyo, 2013, 2014, 2016)

- tetote handmade bazaar (Osaka,2014)

- Handmade Christmas (Kanda Tokyo, 2014)

- Gourmet&hobby paradise in Seibu department store (Ikebukuro Tokyo, 2015)

- Halloween craft party in Sogo department store (Omiya Saitama, 2015)

- acha solo exhibition (Nezu Tokyo, 2016)


acha hanko’s Stamp & Style Workshop: Bag or Pouch Decoration! (Hawaii, USA 2023)

- Asian Nomads collaboration (France, 2021)

MAKE LIKE JAPAN: INSPIRED CRAFTS AT HOME (The Japan Foundation, Sydney Australia 2020)

- DIY Kawaii party (Hawaii, USA 2016-2018)

- Acha Hanko Class (Hawaii, USA 2016-2019)

- Acha Hanko Class (Manila & La Union, Philippines 2018)

- Acha solo exhibition and workshop (Taipei Taiwan, 2017)

河西 麻子

橡皮擦刻章 acha


在2013年4月,我放棄所有工作,正式成為一名全職的手刻印章藝術家! 至此,我建立了名為"Keshigomu hanko acha"的個人品牌,並設計超過500件獨特的手刻印章。




When I was a young child, my grandfather gave me my first stamp. 

It was designed with my name, "Asako," and he had carved it himself.
I still remember my excitement when I first stamped it.
I might find other "Asako" stamps, but my first stamp, which embodies my grandfather's love, is one of my greatest treasures.

This one-of-a-kind stamp gives me the strength to do impossible things.  It's been with me through the most difficult of challenges and the most rewarding of triumphs.  It reminds me about who I am, where I come from, and where I will go.

I will carve your name stamp with the same care and effort that my grandfather used when he carved "Asako" for me.  A hand-carved stamp is full of flavors and complexities that machines can never reproduce.  Your unique name stamp perfectly represents you; no one will ever have the same stamp, just as no one will know everything about you and your journey.     

When you use your stamp for the first time, take a second to remind yourself that you are one-of-a-kind.

I hope you'll experience the joy I felt when I received my first stamp.